Reece Jennings Bikeway

Walking Trail Facts
4 km one way
1 - 1.5 hours
Suitable for
Walking, Wheelchair Accessible, Pram Friendly, Dog Walking, Get to by public transport, Jogging, Cycling
Wheelchair accessible
Adelaide City & Suburbs
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Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Reece Jennings Bikeway

About the Walking Trail

The Reece Jennings Bikeway is one of three trails that make up the Adelaide Airport Trails network.

The other two Adelaide Airport Trails are:

  • Anna Meares Bike Path, connects the northern end of the Reece Jennings Bikeway to close to Ikea and the terminal
  • Captain McKenna Pathway, connect the southern end of the Reece Jennings Bikeway to Netley (with plans to complete the loop back to the terminal)

The northern end of the Reece Jennings Bikeway begins at the River Torrens in West Beach, and follows Tapleys Hill Road to the southern trailhead in Glenelg North. The Anna Meares Bike Path, connects with the northern end. There are connections here to the two trails that follow the edges of the Patawalonga to Wigley Reserve and Colley Reserve in Glenelg. The southern trailhead is also close to the western trailhead of the Captain McKenna Pathway.

The Reece Jennings Bikeway is a shared use trail, for cyclists and walkers. You can see aircraft as they take off from the end of the runway, the trail passes the roadside aircraft viewing area. There are views into the airport, horse agistment and recreation areas, and Harbour Town shopping precinct.

The trail is a bitumen surface, wide and flat. The trail is suitable for people with mobility access, including wheelchairs, prams and cyclists. As the trail is parallel to a major road, with vehicles travelling up to 80km/h, the walk certainly isn’t the most tranquil, but is good for people walking for health or transport, providing a direct north-south connection between Glenelg and West Beach. A one kilometre section half way along the trail is poorly separated from the road, with either a raised concrete gutter or gravel section separating the trail from the road. The southern half of the trail has shade from the afternoon sun.

A plaque near Harbour Town recognises the site of Frogmore, a homestead of one of the pioneer colonists.

The trail is named after Reece Jennings, a former mayor of the local council, the City of West Torrens.


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