River Bend Heritage Trail, Tailem Bend and Wellington

Walking Trail Facts
25 km circuit
7-8 hours
Suitable for
Walking, Jogging
Murray River, Lakes & Coorong
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Travel time from Adelaide
1-2 hours
River Bend Heritage Trail, Tailem Bend and Wellington

About the Walking Trail

A loop trail along Australia’s mighty Murray River, between Tailem Bend and Wellington, South Australia.

This walking trail includes many sites of interest:

  • historic Jervois and its buildings of yesteryear
  • historic dairy properties on the Jervois to Wellington Road
  • levee bank of the Jervois irrigation lands
  • Murrundi Reserve with opportunity to view the river wildlife
  • East Wellington Pangarinda arboretum
  • historic East Wellington cemetery
  • Mowantjie-Willauwar Conservation Park


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Track Notes

A walk that can be undertaken as a whole or in sections by selective placement of cars along the route.

Be on the lookout for trail markers with the River Bend Heritage Trail (RBHT) circle logo and strip markers labelled RBHT.

Appropriate clothing, footwear, first aid kit & personal medication, food, water and sunscreen are a must. Allow 7 - 8 hours for the full walk, and carry a compass or smartphone to find your way should you miss a trail marker or direction.

The directions are approximate and people using them do so at their own risk.

The notes are written in an anti-clockwise direction, although the walk could be walked in either direction.

0.0km, 1. To start from Tailem Bend, begin reading here

Start from reserve near Tailem Bend ferry.

2. Cross the river

Cross the river on the ferry.

3. Choose an option

3A. Levee bank route: when leaving ferry turn left immediately and follow levee bank, continuing for approx 11km until you meet the Wellington – Jervois Road

3B. Wellington - Jervois Rd route: continue along Jervois Ferry Rd verge for about 1.5 km into the town of Jervois to view buildings of historical interest including those of the old school and Jervois Hall. Proceed along the verge of the Wellington – Jervois Road to view the old dairy buildings and allied properties for approx 9 km to a point where it meets the levee access track.

3C. Combination levee / road routes: choose one or the other of the above options in the first instance, and utilise Kluske Rd running between Wellington – Jervois Rd and the levee bank as access to the other.

4. Murrundi Reserve

On reaching the junction of the levee bank access track with Wellington – Jervois Rd, continue towards Wellington for approx 350m, then enter and continue through Murrundi Reserve with its great assortment of native vegetation and an opportunity to view the river wildlife.

5. Wellington Ferry

On exiting the reserve, continue to ferry near the old Wellington court house.

6. To start from Wellington, begin reading here

Take ferry near the old Wellington court house to East Wellington. Walk along Wellington Rd verge towards Princes Highway for approx 700m and turn left into George Mason St.

7. Marra Drive

Locate trail marker on right after approx 300m and follow informal trail east for approx 250m to its crossing with unsealed Marra Drive, taking note of the crossing point.
Optional Sidetrip
8. Turn left (north) and walk along unsealed Marra Drive for approx 70 m to entrance of Pangarinda arboretum to inspect reserve containing an amazing array of native flora (view the Pangarind Arboretum brochure with the link in the above Map Documents field).

9. Return to crossing point at 8, and turn left.

10. Cemetery

Continue east following trail marker to old (1800s) cemetery.

11. Highway to Mowantjie-Willauwar Conservation Park

After cemetery, walk east again on Wellington Rd verge then left (north) along verge of Princes Highway for approx 900m to locate trail marker or entry gate (off-road on the left) into Mowantjie-Willauwar Conservation Park which includes a multitude of native pines.

12. Mowantji-Willauwar Conservation Park

Walk north east through conservation park along route of former road, crossing Placid Estate Road, finally exiting in to a car park / rest area for Princes Highway motorists.


Continue north east along informal track / trail for approx 800m to Hector Road, keeping Princes Highway on your right and Mowantji-Willauwar Conservation Park fence on your left.

14. House number 6, Hector Road

Locate house number 6 on Hector Road (on first bend) and walk north west along its right boundary on the informal track leading towards river.

15. Follow river cliff back to Tailem Bend

On reaching point immediately prior to steep descent to river, turn right (north east) following trail markers along the river cliffs for approx 5 km to journey’s completion at Tailem Bend ferry reserve.