Scott Creek Conservation Park, eastern loop

Walking Route Facts
8.5 km circuit
3 hours
Suitable for
Walking, Hiking, Trail Running
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Scott Creek Conservation Park
Adelaide Hills
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1 hour or less
Scott Creek Conservation Park, eastern loop

About the Walking Route

A walk through the eastern section of Scott Creek Conservation Park. The park is one of the hidden gems of the Adelaide Hills. There aren’t any marked walking trails, but there is a good network on well signposted fire tracks. The Friends of Scott Creek Conservation Park produce an excellent map; a simple map is available for free from their website, or a detailed topographic map can be purchased:

Walk Directions

This walk route starts at Gate 14, Matthews Road/Scott Creek Road.

These instructions are written a clockwise direction:

  1. Start near Mackereth Cottage at Gate 14, at the start of the Neville Road track on Matthews Road / Scott Creek Road.
  2. Continue along the fire track up the hill, turning left at the first fire track junction, on to the Currawong Ridge Track.
  3. Continue past the intersection with the Banidoot Track
  4. Turn left at the junction with the Cup Gum Track
  5. Pass the junction to the old helipad
  6. Pass the junction to the Yacca Track
  7. Turn right at the junction with the Bronzewing Track
  8. The fire track here is through open grassy land
  9. Continue along the Bronzewing Track. When it meets Gurr Road (a dirt road), turn right
  10. When you reach a junction with an unnamed road to the left (400 metres from when you entered Gurr Road), turn right to cross 10 metres to begin following the Bold Ridge Track which parallels the park boundary.
  11. Continue past the unnamed fire track at Gate 7
  12. Continue past the junction with the Cup Gum Track at Gate 8
  13. Turn right onto the Stringybark Track at Gate 9
  14. Continue past the junction with the Bandicoot Track
  15. Turn right and 20 metres later right again, joining the Neville Road track and walking north
  16. Continue past the junction with the Currawong Ridge Track, which you passed early in the walk at step (2)
  17. Arrive back at the carpark and Gate 14

Extend the Walk

Read about a longer trip on the same loop but also going in to the western section of the park on AussieTrailwalker’s EveryTrail trip.


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