Spring Mount Conservation Park Hike

Walking Route Facts
4.7 km circuit
2-3 hours
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Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Spring Mount Conservation Park Hike
Fleurieu Peninsula
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Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Spring Mount Conservation Park Hike

About the Walking Route

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Explore the stringybark forest and wildflowers in Spring Mount Conservation Park on this hiking route following forest tracks and fences.

This is a hiking route, it is not a marked walking trail. Some people may not enjoy following the fenceline between Points 3 and 4 on the map.

An easy hike is to walk out along the forest track from Gate 4 to the quary, south of Point 2 on the map (this would be 1.6km return), or to walk to the gate at Point 3 (this would be 2.2km return) on the map.

The hikes begin from the main carpark at Gate 4, on Mt Alma Road, off Springmount Road.

This park contains Phytophthora which is a root rot fungus, so ensure you clean your boots when you get back to your car, to get any mud and dirt off them.

Directions for walking in a anti-clockwise direction:

  1. Begin in the carpark at Gate 4. Walk into the park along the forest track
  2. Point 2, is a junction with an to optional sidetrip to quarry
  3. At the gate the forest track ends. The walking now gets difficult, consider returning to the car and Gate 4. To continue, turn left and follow the fence south – stick close to the fence, but watch out it’s an electric fence. There is a narrow animal path along the fence, some people might not like this type of walking
  4. At Gate 11 – the paddock on the right ends with scrub, and you reach the corner of the conservation park. Turn left and follow either forest track east – they soon merge at Point 5
  5. At Point 5 the two forest tracks merge, keep following the forest track
  6. At Mt Alma Road and Gate 6, turn left, sticking on the forest track
  7. Keep a watch out on the right for Gate 5, near the bottom you’ll see it on the opposite side of the dirt road (Mt Alma Rd). (If you miss it, you could continue walking north parallel to Mt Alma Road back to your car and Gate 4.) Walking through Gate 5, follow the forest track past some old quarries here
  8. Continue walking past Gate 14, you now walk parallel to a long quarry with views across farmland and beyond to Victor Harbor
  9. Keep a watch out for a farmhouse – it’s the only one here – directly opposite the house there is a gate on the park boundary and a gate into the quarry you’ve been walking past, opposite these gates you’ll notice a walking trail heading back into the conservation park. It might not look like much, but within 10m or the trail becomes more obvious as a walking trail. Follow it, walking north towards Thompson Road
  10. The walking trail comes out onto Thompson Road, climb the fence and turn left and walk along the road back to your car and Gate 4


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