Sturt River Linear Park – South Road to Anzac Highway

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2 hours one-way
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Adelaide City & Suburbs
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Sturt River Linear Park – South Road to Anzac Highway

About the Walking Trail

A shared-use trail has been constructed between South Road and Anzac Highway, in the City of Marion. This 7.4km trail meanders past playgrounds and historic sites, including former market gardens, Kaurna people campsites and an ancient burial ground of the Kaurna people, ending at the Warriparinga Wetlands.

The trail is a bitumen surface, and as an Accessible Trail is suitable for walking, prams, wheelchairs and bicycles.

Warriparinga is an important sacred place for the Kaurna people. The spirit of Tjilbruke lives here. The spirit of the wind lives here. The spirit of the river makes us alive. Warriparinga is a law ground and burial area. The Kaura people has always used the area for ceremonies.

In 1971 the Sturt River was tamed with the completion of the South Western Drainage Scheme, where the river was converted to a series of concrete drains and a dam. Prior to that the river’s winter flood waters were difficult to predict.

Before the drain was built, the stream flowed for 10 months of the year. Except for flood time, it was a beautiful place where children could play, climb trees, catch tadpoles, frogs and yabbies, and pick flowers like jonquils, which grew on the banks.

“The river bed was cemented and the character and environs changed forever. Gone are most of the ancient river gums which had witnessed the early Aboriginal settlements, the coming of the white man, the tilling and watering of the alluvial plains, the magnificient product of the disctrict… Gone is the dram, the beauty and the wildlife.” – extract from the book Yesterday’s Child by Margaret Western, 2008.

Why the drain was built can be seen in this extract: “It used to flood quite regularly, but nobody cared much because it was all market gardens and orchards and almonds around here. Once they started building houses people started yelling we want this fixed up. Lives were lost. Roads were cut; people were cut off. Engineers wanted to find a solution to this flooding, and that’s what they did. The Sturt River never flooded again after that.” – extract from an oral history interview in 2011 with Arthur Beales, local resident and Design Engineer for the South Western Drainage Scheme.

This trail follows the Sturt River as from Glenelg North as far upstream as Darlington. From Darlington to Coromandel Valley there are hiking trails through Craigburn Farm and Sturt Gorge Recreation Park. Beyond that another shared-use trail has been constructed through Coromandel Valley.

Extend the Walk

Walk further upstream into Sturt Gorge on either the:


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