Walking Loop #2 in Craigburn Farm

Walking Route Facts
8.5 km circuit
3 hours
Suitable for
Walking, Hiking, Dog Walking, Get to by public transport, Trail Running, Mountain Biking
Trail Class
Grade 3, Moderate Hike
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Sturt Gorge Recreation Park
Adelaide City & Suburbs
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Travel options
  1. Bus
  2. Car
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Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Walking Loop #2 in Craigburn Farm

About the Walking Route

Craigburn Farms Shared Trails are a trail network in Sturt Gorge Recreation Park. As with the Recreation Park, most of the marked trails are one-way/return trails, not loop trails. We’ve outlined a 8.5km walking loop, following several one-way trails, to make a circuit hike:

  • the Lake View Trail (marked in dark blue),
  • Horners Corners (marked in purple),
  • the River Trail (marked in mid/dark blue),
  • the Little River Trail (marked in light blue),
  • and return on the other side of the Lakeside Trail

You can also look at our 5.8km walking loop, or combine the two into a single 10.7km loop.

The shared-use trails are for walkers, mountain bikers and horse riders. Mountain bikers should give way to walkers.

The easiest place to start the hike is near the end of Bonython Way, Craigburn Farm, near house #56 because car parking here is easy. You can also start from the main Craigburn Farms Shared Trails trailhead (start at step 15 of the walk directions below.)

You can also reach this hike by:

Walking loop directions, starting at the trailhead on Bonython Way, Craigburn Farm (it’s easy to park here), and walking clockwise:

  1. Follow Lake View trail
  2. At end of dam wall, take the Horners Corners trail
  3. Continue on Horners Corners
  4. Turn right, walking down a short distance down Coromandel Parade, crossing the 1866 built stone arch bridge
  5. Turn right, reentering Sturt Gorge Recreation Park, following the River Trail
  6. Turn right, following the Little River trail back towards the Lakeside Trail and the trailhead
  7. You are now close back to where you started


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