Waterfall Gully Road Walking Trail (along Waterfall Gully Road)

Walking Trail Facts
2.5 km one way
1 hour
Suitable for
Dog Walking, Get to by public transport
Adelaide City & Suburbs
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  1. Bus
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Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Waterfall Gully Road Walking Trail (along Waterfall Gully Road)

About the Walking Trail

The walking trail can be used as an alternative way to access the Mount Lofty walking trails that begin at the Waterfall Gully carpark at the end of the road. The start of the trail can be accessed by Adelaide Metro public transport, via bus stop 19 Glynburn Road, bus route 142. The trail is a pleasant walk, initially on it’s own separate path, but eventually on a roadside footpath. The trail walks through forest and past native wetlands.

The trail starts at the beginning of Waterfally Gully Road, and follows the road up towards the Waterfall Gully carpark at the end of the road.

The formal trail is along the first 2.5km of the road, and is always on it’s own footpath. It crosses the road several times, and there are blue signs to mark these spots. The formal trail ends at junction with the Winter Track and Woolshed Gully, some 1.3km from the end of the road and the Waterfall Gully carpark and the walking trails to Mount Lofty. There is informal walking trail along 850m of this 1.3km. The road is narrow so use caution when walking this section to the end of the road.

Burnside Walks Trail Network

This walking trail is part of the Burnside Walks network, a series of trails around the hills on the edge of the City of Burnside, and in Mount Osmond Reserve. The trails are all well marked, with regular signs and numbered checkpoints that correspond to the excellent walking map.


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