Woods Loop, Bundaleer Reservoir

Walking Trail Facts
6.2 km circuit
2 hours
Suitable for
Walking, Hiking, Jogging, Cycling, Mountain Biking
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Bundaleer Reservoir
Clare Valley
Trail manager
Reservoirs SA (SA Water)
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Woods Loop, Bundaleer Reservoir

About the Walking Trail

There are three loop walking trails at Bundaleer Reservoir. The reservoir is a smaller reservoir reserve where you can fish, kayak, enjoy views of the water from the loop walking trail and have a picnic.

The reservoir is located north of Spalding, about a 40 minute drive from Clare in the mid-north.

This 6.2km Woods Loop is the shorted of the three trails and is the best walk to take in the sheltered woodlands. It starts along the northern shores of the reservoir before heading and into the woodlands. You can also explore other fire and vehicle service tracks in the woodlands area.

  1. Reservoir Loop, 4.7km loop (marked in green on maps)
  2. On this page:
    Woods Loop, 6.2km return loop (marked in purple on maps)
  3. Boundary Loop, 7.1km loop (marked in orange on maps)

The three unsealed trail loops are shared-use and suitable for walking, running and mountain biking.


There is a picnic area 100m from the carpark and trailhead which is hard packed gravel with a few slight rises that may require some assistance. This picnic area is located beside the kayak launch ramp. There are also accessible toilets and a picnic shelter in the carpark.

Reserve history

The Heysen Trail following the southern channel to Bundaleer Reservoir

The Bundaleer Reservoir is a system of two long water channels that feed into the reservoir. Over 30km of concrete channels were constructed, some into deep cuttings and across high aqueducts, to transport the water by gravity feed into the reservoir. Much of the systems remains intact, and you can catch glimpses of the channels as they enter the reservoir. The long distance Heysen Trail and Mawson Trail both follow the channels for long distances as they traverse the mid-north past the reservoir. Described as ‘one of the seven engineering wonders of Australia’, the construction of this vast scheme commenced in 1898 and was completed in 1902, providing employment during the 1890s Depression. It supplied the towns of Snowtown, Redhill, Brinkworth, Narridy, Blyth and Port Wakefield. The channels are no longer maintained, but the reservoir still functions although it is supplemented by piped River Murray water from Morgan to Whyalla that was constructed in 1944.

Dog walking not permitted

Dogs are not welcome at reservoir reserves as they can carry harmful organisms that can easily contaminate the water and present a risk to the safety of the drinking water. Assistance animals are accepted.

Driving directions to the trailhead

As at August 2023, driving directions to the trailhead generated by Google are misleading. We expect in time these will correct themselves. In time we expect permanent directional signage to be erected from the highway.

  1. Turn off the bitumen Goyder Highway at “3874A Goyder Hwy, Gulnare SA 5471”, there is a small 3874A sign here, and a large “Bundaleer Stud” sign

    Turn off the bitumen Goyder Highway at “3874A Goyder Hwy, Gulnare SA 5471“, there is a small 3874A sign here, and a large “Bundaleer Stud” sign.
  2. From 3874A Goyder Highway at (at the “Bundaleer Stud” sign) head north (turning right if coming from Spalding) along the Boundary Track – dirt gravel road, not a track.

    Head north (turning right if coming from Spalding) along the Boundary Track – don’t worry, it’s a dirt gravel road, not a track. Follow the blue “Bundaleer Reservoir Fishing” signs.
  3. Drive 2.2km along the Boundary Track, past the dam wall, and continue until you reach the carpark. View driving directions in Google Maps for this 2.2km drive from 3874A Goyder Highway.

Reserve and trail opening hours

Dates Times
Open daily Sunrise to sunset
Total Fire Ban Days (generally occur between October and April – check on cfs.sa.gov.au) Closed
During reservoir operational activity (check on reservoirs.sa.gov.au) Closed (gates will be closed)


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