A Mangrove-inspired Labyrinth Walk, Garden Island – Nature Festival

Sunday 26 September 2021


Take a mindful walk on a distinctive pop-up labyrinth alongside the mangroves at Garden Island.

Garden Island is a unique coastal environment nurtured by the presence of thick forests of mangroves. Inspired by the beautiful form of the mangrove seedling, a propagule, we have created a distinctive labyrinth design which will be temporarily reproduced for this event on an inviting open space near the boardwalk. The labyrinth, as a form, has been shaped and given meaning over many thousands of years – the oldest forms dating back 4,000 years to petroglyphs found carved into rock. As a mindfulness tool the labyrinth brings focus to the here and now. One of the ways in which a labyrinth can be used is to walk it with intent. All participants will have the opportunity to walk the labyrinth with an intention – to protect the biological diversity of the mangrove ecosystem around Barker Inlet, and other fragile environments on our planet.

Nature Festival 25 Sept to 4 Oct 2021 logoThis event is part of the Nature Festival from 25 September to 4 October 2021. With over two hundred events for all ages, the Nature Festival is back for our second year and full of creative ways to connect with nature and each other.