A series of Walks in Wadmore Park/Pulyonna Wirra, Athelstone – Nature Festival

Saturday 2 October 2021

Come and learn about the wonders within Wadmore Park/Pulyonna Wirra, Athelstone. From Kaurna awareness to native grasses & birdlife.

There are a selection of walks for you to choose from to learn more about the wonderful Wadmore Park/Pulyonna Wirra. Nestled at the base of Black Hill National Park in Athelstone, Wadmore Park is home to an abundance of native flora and fauna including native grasses and remnant vegetation. Come and learn about some of these aspects of the park or join one of the two sessions to understand the park from a kaurna perspective.

This event has multiple sessions available:

  • 4pm Wednesday 29 Sept
  • 5pm Wednesday 29 Sept
  • 9am Saturday 2 Oct
  • 10am Saturday 2 Oct
  • 11am Saturday 2 Oct

Nature Festival 25 Sept to 4 Oct 2021 logoThis event is part of the Nature Festival from 25 September to 4 October 2021. With over two hundred events for all ages, the Nature Festival is back for our second year and full of creative ways to connect with nature and each other.