Guidelines for walkers – WalkFest 2024 Guided Walks

There are Guided Walks starting from the WalkFest expo site. These walks are being hosted by volunteers from our member hiking clubs and other organisations.

Walks range from 45mins to 3 hours, including child-friendly and Accessible options.

People are welcome to participate in these walks by registering on the day at the WalkFest expo site.

To secure a place on your chosen guided walk book online from mid-March for $10 per adult, children under 18 FREE. Up to 2 accompanied children per adult. To ensure you and your children enjoy the walk please select a walk that is not too long or challenging for your child.

Alternatively details of self-guided walks will be available at the WalkFest expo site from 9am until 1pm from the Walking SA marquee and National Parks and Wildlife Service SA marquee.

Share photos using #walkfest

We hope you enjoy your walk with us and your host walk leader. Share photos on social media using the hashtag #walkfest


To ensure the safety and enjoyment of your experience please read the following guidelines:

  1. You are responsible for your own fitness and preparedness for the walk:
    • This includes wearing suitable footwear with adequate tread (this could be walking shoes, running shoes or hiking boots).
    • If you have any questions about your fitness or the requirements of the walk, please ask us prior to commencing the walk. People with medication needs and / or special requirements should discuss their needs with us.
    • You are responsible for carrying your own food (snacks), water (suggest 1-2L), some basic first aid equipment (suggest for blisters), and any required medication.
  2. You are responsible for any children under 18 that you bring along on the walk with you. A ratio of up to 2 accompanied children per responsible adult.
    • Please book children on the walk when you book yourself. We are not able to accommodate late bookings on the day if sold out.
    • Please make sure your child is adequately equipped and capable to enjoyably complete the walk you have chosen to book on.
  3. The Guided Walks are a group experience. There will be walk leader at the start of the group, and another at the back of the group. The group may spread out, but will regularly re-group, typically at junctions or the top of hills.
    • You should check with the walk leader before walking on ahead, and if you need to leave the group (for toileting, to withdraw from the walk, taking photos, or any other reason) please advise one of your walk leaders to avoid unnecessary duress.
    • You should ensure that walkers behind you are kept within eyesight.
    • Please don’t bring pets along, as they may not be welcomed by others in the group. On walks marked ‘Dog Friendly’ you are welcome to bring and walk your dog provided that they remain under your control and on a lead that is no more than 2 metres in length, that you bring disposable bags to clean up your dog’s faeces and be mindful of other guided walk participants and trail users.
    • Please don’t smoke or leave any litter.
  4. Participants may be refused entry onto any walk if not equipped or deemed not suitable, at Walking SA’s discretion.