October 2022 is Walktober SA

During the month of October we're celebrating walking with #walktoberSA.

October is ideal for walking – the temperatures are mild and the evenings are getting longer.

Find a place to walk. We've short listed some of the best walks.

Join a walking event: with a walking club or a local council or health body.

Explore Trails

Find a place to walk, hike or bushwalk, whether it be a 1 hour walk near home with your dog, a half day hike in a park, or a longer trail in one of South Australia’s national parks.

Check out the short lists of some of the best walks, or view all the walks (785) to find one that suits you.

Park of the Month, Sturt Gorge Recreation Park, March 2020

Escape the hustle and bustle of the nearby city and suburbs by venturing into Sturt Gorge. There are 19 marked trails in the Sturt Gorge Recreation Park and adjacent Craigburn Farm Shared Trails network, with another half dozen in the adjacent Mitcham Trail Network (Zone 4, Blackwood Hill Reserve). Most of these trails are linear or return trails, but we've outlined two of the trails and four walking loop routes.

Walking Trails to enjoy on Kangaroo Island, supporting the KI community post-bushfire

We've listed 13 walks and trails unaffected by the 2020 Kangaroo Island Bushfires. Are you looking for ways to support the Kangaroo Island community after the devastating January bushfires? Head to the recovery and enjoy one of the many walks that are confirmed as still open.

Park of the Month, Onkaparinga River Parks, February 2020

Onkaparinga River National Park and Recreation Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for February 2020. View 16 great hikes and trails in the park.

Best Hikes to See Wildlife in South Australia

Going for a hike is a great way to see wildlife in their native environment. We've outlined some of the best hikes in South Australia to see different wildlife.

Park of the Month
Innes National Park

Innes National Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for January 2019. We've outlined 8 walks and trails to experience the park. The park is a great destination for camping, fishing and short walks to coastal lookouts.

60 Best Dog Walks in Adelaide

We know that having a dog encourages you to walk more, and that there are numerous health benefits to dog walking. We've short listed 60 of the best walks around Adelaide to walk your dog, including trails in national parks, forests, river walkways, linear reserves and the coast.

Bushwalks Close to the City for Evening Walks

Now that daylight savings has started, short after-work bushwalks are a good evening activity. We've compiled a list of 25 short hikes which are close to Adelaide.

Park of the Month
Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island
October 2019

Flinders Chase National Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for October 2019. Experience the rugged wilderness with its iconic landmarks such as the world-famous Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch. Enjoy the park and its diverse wildlife on the network of walking trails. Trek the five day Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail on assisted day walks or camping out along the way. We've outlined 19 hikes and trails in the two parks.

30 Evening walks to enjoy now that Daylight Saving has started

With daylight savings short after-work walks are a great way to get out and experience the sunshine. We’re showcasing 30 short walks around Adelaide along rivers, the coast and metropolitan parks. All are an hour or two, or up to three hours.

50 Great SA Short Walks and Hikes for Kids

There are loads of great short walks and hikes around South Australia for kids, with opportunities to explore rock formations, big trees, caves, creeks, waterfalls and see wildlife. And with many taking in playgrounds, why not pack a picnic and enjoy a great family day out. We've listed some of the best ones

50 Pram and Wheelchair Accessible Walks and Hikes

Adelaide and South Australia has many walking trails and hiking paths that are accessible to prams, strollers and people with mobility issues, including wheelchairs. We've outlined some of the best ones. As most of the walks are suitable for prams and wheelchairs, they can also be great for children to ride their bikes along with their walking parents. We've broken the list down into 3 sections: Adelaide Metro Area (29 walks), Bush Walks (13 hikes), and Regional South Australia (8 walks).

Best walks to see wildflowers and flowers in the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula (updated)

Explore some walking trails for see some of this Spring's native wildflowers or other flowers. We've listed some walking trails near Adelaide in the Adelaide Hills, and in parks and reserves on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Park of the Month, Murray River National Park, September 2019

Murray River National Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for September 2019. We've outlined the three walking trails in the park. Nearby there's more of the Riverland and Murray River to experience on foot, and we've included some of the best ones below.

Park of the Month, Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park, July 2019

We’ve outlined the 18 walking trails in the park, and included the nearby Rawnsley Bluff Hike and Wilpena Pound Lookout Hikes. Discover quiet gorges with ancient Aboriginal rock engravings, wander through the Pound Gap to spot wildlife and discover the struggles early Europeans encountered with the harsh Australian conditions. Or for something more adventurous, explore the trails out to Malloga Falls, Wilkawillina Gorge or St Mary Peak/Ngarri Mudlanha.

Park of the Month, Mount Remarkable National Park, June 2019

Mount Remarkable National Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for June 2019. The park has three focus areas from where you can start some great hikes and trails: Mambray Creek, Alligator Gorge and Melrose.

Park of the Month
Para Wirra Conservation Park

The park has recently been upgraded, with upgraded trails, a nature play area, upgraded picnic areas and a new camping area. Explore 13 hikes in the park, from wheelchair accessible trails to half day hikes.

Walking Trails along the Coorong

Coorong National Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for March 2019. We've outlined 11 walking trails that are scattered along the 130km long Coorong, both in the national park but also in small reserves and in the nearby Coorong gateway town of Meningie.

30 Walks on the Limestone Coast

Explore the Limestone Coast on some of the many walking trail experiences. With plenty of hiking trails along the coast around Robe and Beachport, and in the Little Dip and Canunda Conservation Parks there's lots of places to discover the natural wonders of the Limestone Coast. Around Mount Gambier and northwards through the Coonawarra to Penola and Naracoorte there are walking trails that explore the natural wonders of the stringybark forests, hills and caves.

Bushwalks close to the city for evening hikes

With daylight savings short after-work hikes are a great way to get out and experience nature and the sunshine. We’ve updated our previous list to add 20 more hikes, showcasing 45 short hikes which are close to Adelaide. All are an hour or two, up to three hours.

Park of the Month, Belair National Park, October 2018

Belair National Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for October 2018. The park is close to Adelaide, nestled in the foothills. There are 8 hiking trails in the park, and another 2 hiking trails that pass through the park. The trails vary from Easy Walks to Hard Hikes. A couple of the Easy Walks are suitable for people of all abilities, including for wheelchair access, for those with mobility issues and for prams. The trails are of a high standard and are well marked.

Walks and trails in Kuitpo Forest and Kyeema Conservation Park

Explore 4 shared-use trails in Kuitpo Forest and 2 walking trails in the adjacent Kyeema Conservation Park. Kuitpo Forest is 60% plantation pine forest, with the rest native scrub. In the adjacent Kyeema Conservation Park there is dense natural scrub.

30 Walks and Trails across the Parks of Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island offers a variety of hikes and trails to explore the landscape and abundant wildlife. Across Kangaroo Island there are 7 national parks and conservation areas that have 30 walking trails: Flinders Chase National Park and Ravine Des Casoars Wilderness Protection Area (18 hikes) Kelly Hill Conservation Park (2 hikes) Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park […]

Park of the Month
Deep Creek National Park

Deep Creek National Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for April 2019. The park is has an extensive network of trails for hiking, camping in five campgrounds and views of the spectacular scenery of Backstairs Passage, Kangaroo Island and the rugged Deep Creek valley. We've outlined some of the best hikes.

Park of the Month
Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park – Winaityinaityi Pangkara

Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary National Park - Winaityinaityi Pangkara - is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for November 2017. The Adelaide Shorebirds Festival is celebrating this Park of the Month throughout November. You can also see some of the birds on some of the walking trails in the park, we've outlined 5 walks and trails to see some of the shorebirds and experience the unique coastal habitats.

Best summit hikes in South Australia

Hiking up to the summit of a mountain can be a rewarding experience. On the walk up you might wonder why you undertook such an adventure, but often reaching the summit is exhilarating. We've outlined 14 of the best summit hikes in SA.

Best Overnight Hikes in South Australia

South Australia has many great hikes to undertake multi-day hikes on and camp out along the way, we've listed some great 2-3 day treks and 5 day treks below. Spend your days hiking and watch the sunset, sleeping in a tent and waking up to a chorus of birdlife on some of these spectacular hikes.

Celebrate May’s History Festival with a Historical Walk

The History Festival is being celebrated throughout May. It promotes South Australia's wonderful places, stories and collections through a range of hundreds of history-related activities. Walking on a self-guided or guided tour of one of our historic towns or neighbourhoods is a great way to experience these places and stories. We've compiled a list of the best historical walks, just grab a brochure, map, or app to get started on your walk.

Park of the Month, Shepherds Hill Recreation Park, May 2017

Shepherds Hill Recreation Park is the National Parks and Wildlife Service SA Park of the Month for May 2017. There are three great hikes in the park, and another good one that extends outside of the park into the adjacent Watiparinga Reserve walking to the old railway tunnel and viaduct.

Nine new walking trails in Anstey Hill Recreation Park, Park of the Month

Anstey Hill Recreation Park is National Parks and Wildlife Service SA’s Park of the Month for March. The park has recently been upgraded as part of a $10.4m plan to upgrade and develop more walking and cycling trails, public toilets, barbecue and picnic areas, and playgrounds in national parks close to the Adelaide metropolitan area. […]

Best Lookouts on Hikes in SA

We’ve shortlisted some of the best hikes to take in views from lookouts. Hikes are a great way to grab some nature time, and lookouts are a great opportunity to pause and take life in.

Best Waterfall Hikes in South Australia

South Australia is a dry place, but there are still plenty of waterfalls. We've listed some of the best ones to access on hikes.

17 Short Walks on the Heysen Trail

The Heysen Trail stretches 1,200km from Cape Jervis to the Flinders Ranges. We've listed some of the great short hikes you can walk along the Heysen Trail, ranging from a few hours to a full day.

10 Great Bushwalks Accessible by Public Transport

Although so many bushwalks are best accessed by car, there are plenty of great hikes accessible by Adelaide Metro bus and train. Here's a list of 10 hikes.

9 Ways to Hike Up Mt Lofty

The well-known and popular Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty summit hike is good, but there are 7 other ways to hike up to the summit of Mt Lofty, outlined below. Some are gentler, some just as steep. Expect to see less people but more koalas and kangaroos.

7 Great Hikes for Warm Days

Warmer days don't necessarily mean there are no opportunities for walking. Why not try one of these seven shorter hikes, and start off early in the morning.

Billion Steps Challenge

On your marks, get set, go!

Join South Australia’s 2022 Billion Steps Challenge and help us reach our goal of 1,000,000,000 steps!

Wellbeing SA, in partnership with 10,000 Steps, is excited to bring South Australians together to reach one billion steps. We know that every step counts and the more we move, the more health and wellbeing benefits we reap. Last year we achieved one billion steps in 65 days. Can we reach our goal quicker this year?

The challenge starts on 1 October 2022 and ends when we reach our goal of one billion steps. All South Australians who sign up to the 10,000 Steps program and log steps, or other forms of physical activity will have their steps automatically added to South Australia’s total.

How to get involved?
It’s simple, easy and free!

  • Sign up or login to be a 10,000 Steps member – make sure the state in your profile is South Australia
  • Track and log your steps and minutes of physical activity
  • Spread the word with your family, friends and workmates!

Find an Event

Throughout October there are plenty of walking events that are easy to join, including walks hosted by our walking club members, health bodies, local councils and walk-for-a-cause events.

Know of other walk events in October not listed? Contact us to have the walk event listed.

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