Walktober Social Media Tiles

During the month of October we’re celebrating walking with Walktober SA.

October is ideal for walking – the temperatures are mild and the evenings are getting longer.

Download social media tiles for promoting walking throughout the month. Anyone is welcome to use these images to promote walking.

We would also love your help to share our online walks database (as we know this helps people to discover new walks that suit their needs and interests, and motivates more people walking more often!): walkingsa.org.au/walk/find-a-place-to-walk

If you are sharing Walktober messages on social media, we would love to know about it! You can use #WalktoberSA and #WalkingSA

Social Media Tiles

I’m tired, It’s too hot, It’s too cold, It’s raining, I don’t have time. It’s Walktober, Let’s go for a walk!

Children whose parents engage in physical activity are 200% more likely to engage in physical activity themselves.