Sponsor an Entry in the Walking Trails Database

Person scanning poster to view local walking trails on website

Walking SA uses the month of October to focus public attention on the many benefits of walking and the opportunities to walk for transport, recreation, and health – Walktober #WalktoberSA.

Let’s spread the word together!

How can you help? Sponsor one of the entries in our online walking trails database

Walking SA’s website and online database of over 750 walking trails is a very popular resource for helping new and experienced walkers find trails to suit their needs. Walking SA receives regular feedback from users of the website highlighting how useful this resource is for motivating people to find and try new trails, and rediscover walks they have undertaken previously. It is used by individuals, groups, families, hiking clubs, schools, tourism operators and a myriad of other users. Website data shows the website averages over 1 million visitors annually.

With your help, we want to share these walks across your networks, and promote Walktober messages – the month to focus in on ‘more people walking more often!’

Walking SA will:

  • Display your logo as the trail sponsor on your selected online walking trail database entry
  • Provide a digital media pack and ideas for you to share during Walktober to promote walking
  • Provide a “Scan me to discover local walking trails” QR code poster to display on your premises. The poster will display a list of nearby walking trails in your region from the Walking SA website (optional)

We will ask you to:

  • Choose a trail to sponsor, starting from $100, from our website: walkingsa.org.au/walk/find-a-place-to-walk
  • Provide your logo
  • Promote your online trail entry and motivational walking messages throughout your networks during Walktober
  • Add your walking related walks to the Walktober walking events calendar (optional)
  • Display Walking SA “Scan me to discover local walking trails” QR code poster (optional)

Sponsor a Walking Trail Entry

Sponsorship will be for 12 months, until 30 September 2022.