Brownhill Creek and Belair Hike Loop

Walking Route Facts
13.7 km circuit
3-5 hours
Suitable for
Hiking, Dog Walking, Get to by public transport
Trail Class
Grade 4, Hard Hike
Part of a longer trail
Yurrebilla Trail
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Brownhill Creek Recreation Park
Adelaide City & Suburbs
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Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Brownhill Creek and Belair Hike Loop

About the Walking Route

This loop hike traverses the Brownhill Creek valley, through and beyond Brownhill Creek Recreation Park, up the Yurrebilla Trail and into Belair National Park. Following the Yurrebilla Trail through Belair National Park, the trail passes Belair Railway Station, with a short section following local roads and walking paths in to Randell Park. With rewarding views over the Adelaide Plains, the Park is a former quarry and largely undeveloped, but traversed by numerous unsignposted walking trails and fire tracks. The City of Mitcham, as of mid 2015, has plans to redevelop the park and upgrade the Park’s trail infrastructure. As of mid-2017 some of the works are underway. At the bottom of Randell Park, the route returns to Brownhill Creek through the Mitcham Cemetery.

Walk Directions

As the trails through Randell Park have been upgraded, our instructions steps for walking through that park no longer make sense. We’ll be updating them in the second half of 2019.

These directions commence in Brownhill Creek, and walk in a clockwise directions:

  1. Begin at the carpark on Brownhill Creek Road, at the start of the Recreation Park near the caravan park
  2. Walk up the valley along the Shared Use Trail on the northern side of the road, picking up the Wirraparinga Trail when you cross Whites Bridge
  3. Continue along the Wirraparinga Trail past the Manure Pits, and beyond, until the trail meets the road again, and heads out of Brownhill Creek Recreation Park
  4. Follow the laneway road further up the valley (following the Yurrebilla Trail), until the end of the laneway.
  5. At the end of the laneway, follow the Yurrebilla Trail up the zig zag walking trail up the steep hill to Pony Ridge Road
  6. At the end of Pony Ridge Road, turn left up Sheoak Road for a short distance.
  7. Enter Belair National Park at Gate 8, and begin following the Wilyawa Track
  8. Walking along the Wilyawa Track, turn right on to the Workanda Track
  9. Follow the Workanda Track to the Lower Waterfall
  10. At the Lower Waterfall, take the Waterfall Hike (and Yurrebilla Trail) walking path back to central area of Belair National Park. Walk through Echo Tunnel.
  11. Near the cnetral Belair National Park, continue following the Yurrebilla Trail through the park, to the trail’s terminus at Belair Railway Station
  12. At the end of the railway station, turn right and follow Upper Sturt Road across the railway
  13. Turn left and follow the footpath on Sheoak Road
  14. Turn right on to the suburban street of Serpentine Road
  15. At the end of Serpentine Road, where it meets Old Belair Road, turn right and follow the bush walking path down to the junction with James Road
  16. Follow the fire track in Randell Park for a short distance, heading towards Adelaide
  17. The trails in Randell Park has been upgraded (mid 2018), take the Sugar Loaf Blue Track which is a shared bike / walk track down to the Mitcham Cemetery.
  18. Walk through the Mitcham Cemetery to Blythewood Road
  19. Turn right, and follow Blythewood Road to the trailhead of the Wirraparinga Trail
  20. Turn left, walking up Northbrooke Avenue a short distance, before taking a bridge across Brownhill Creek, back to Brownhill Creek Road near the carpark

Access by Public Transport

You can access this hike by Adelaide Metro:


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