Lynton Reserve and Sleeps Hill Reserve Loop

Walking Route Facts
5.7 km circuit
2 hours return
Suitable for
Walking, Hiking, Dog Walking, Get to by public transport
Park (national park, conservation park, forest, reserve)
Lynton Reserve
Adelaide City & Suburbs
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Travel time from Adelaide
1 hour or less
Lynton Reserve and Sleeps Hill Reserve Loop

About the Walking Route

A loop walk through the Lynton Reserve and Sleeps Hill Reserve walking trails. The park has many trails, developed in 2010, for walkers only, mountain bikers only, and shared trails for commuter cyclists, mountain bikers, walkers and horse riders.

This hike is a suggested route combining several trail segments, including the Mead Street Walking Trail and Sleeps Hill Walking Trail. Whilst there are many trails, the park is small, so the trails connect in a way to give walkers many options for an excellent circuit hike.

The park borders the Adelaide Plains and Belair, providing for some good climbs, city views, and walking through intact Grey Box grassy woodlands. The area comprises twelve old small quarry sites.


Starting near the Lynton Train Station, at the end of Beagle Terrace:

  1. Start on the main bitumen trail (the Lynton-Belair Sealed Path ) – but not for long. After 100m, take the right walking track, the Lynton Green Link.
  2. The Lynton Green Links connects with another walk-bike trail, or take the option to rejoin now with the Lynton-Belair Sealed Path.
  3. The walk-bike trail rejoins with the Lynton-Belair Sealed Path.
  4. Walk up the bitumen Lynton-Belair Sealed Path for 300m around the corner, turning right on to the Quarry Access Track.
  5. Follow the Quarry Access Track into a large valley. Walk past the crushing plant interpretive sign (at the junction here don’t be tricked into walking towards the railway).
  6. Heading up hill, the Quarry Access Track connects with the Mead Street Walking Trail.
  7. Follow the Mead Street Walking Trail past Quarry K, taking the steep walkers-only trail up towards Mead Street.
  8. Continue on the Mead Street Walking Trail, walking past the first exit to the street, following the quarry edge.
  9. When the trail ends at Mead Street, it’s a 900m along local streets to connect with the top of the Sleeps Hill Walking Trail (Walk along Mead Street, turn left on to Gloucester Avenue, left on to Clearview Avenue, left on to Hawker Avenue, left on to High Street, left on to the second High Street.) Walk past the top of the Lynton-Belair Sealed Path to the end of High Street to the trailhead of the Sleeps Hill Walking Trail.
  10. Walk down the Sleeps Hill Walking Trail.
  11. Follow the Lynton-Belair Sealed Path, and veer right on to the Lynton Connector trail (near the 4 X Track signs).
  12. Follow the Lynton Connector trail until it meets the Seaview Loop.
  13. Walk up into the gully on the Seaview Loop, following it back to where you started at the trailhead at the end of Beagle Street.


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