Super Tuesday – Ten years of collecting cycling and (now) walking data in the City of Adelaide

For a decade now volunteers have counted cyclists at key locations in an around the City of Adelaide for two hours on the first Tuesday in March – known as Super Tuesday.

Adopting the belief that “what is counted counts”, Walking SA is always looking for data on the amount of walking being done, and this year put a call out for volunteers to participate to count pedestrians, undertaking a similar count as that of the cyclists.

At this stage we are only looking to establish trends in the amount of urban walking being done. (We have some pretty good data about walking on the main bush trails.) We are looking for counts wherever we have volunteers willing and able to undertake them.

We are not looking for those locations where there are lots of pedestrians, such as King William Street. There are usually too many to count, and in any case what those very busy locations tell us is the importance of the location rather than the popularity of walking.

Responses to our request for volunteers, as well as some of those counting cyclists also being willing to count pedestrians, resulted in a total of 14 locations being counted.

Count Results

Pedestrians counted 7am to 9am Tuesday 3 March, 2020.

Location Pedestrians counted
Fitzroy Tce / Braund 23
Outer Harbor Greenway / Parklands Trail 30
Port Road / Gaol Road 110
Dequetteville Tce / King William Street (Kent Town) 102
Morphett St / Hindley St 195 (7am to 8am only)
Osmond Tce / William St 34
Fullarton Rd / William St 94
Fullarton Rd / Kensington Rd (Britannia roundabout) 45
Frome St / Wakefield St 303
West Tce / Sir Donald Bradman Dr 202
West Tce / Sturt St 98
East Tce / South Tce / Beaumont Rd 232
West Tce / South Tce 77
Westside Bikeway / South Road 18

Thanks to all those who came out on what was an usually cold Tuesday morning.

Hopefully we can have a similar or bigger effort next year, so that we can start observing trends.

If you would like to help out, please contact Ian Radbone, Walking SA Board member and Super Tuesday manager.