Message of Thanks re Accessible Walking Trails at Robe

Message of Thanks re Accessible Walking Trails at Robe

We recently received feedback from a trail user who was thrilled about the accessibility of the new walking trails at Robe.

The District Council of Robe in partnership with Department Planning Transport and Infrastructure People and Places funding are developing a walking and cycling trail around the township of Robe that will allow people to access and view the spectacular coast line and scenery that surrounds the town while engaging in exercise. When completed, the 12km Loop Trail will allow people to use sections of the trail to access the town centre, the towns many beaches or just to enjoy the scenery of Robe while undertaking a healthy activity.

The existing path was informal, degraded and close to the cliff. The trail is being rebuilt as crushed limestone, suitable for wheels, and as an environmentally sustainable path further from the cliff edge. The new shared-use path is designed for walkers, cyclists, people with mobility issues and prams.

I have been visiting Robe for the last 20 years. My only means of getting around is using an electric wheelchair. Consequently, I am absolutely thrilled that the District Council of Robe has taken action in upgrading walking trails; in particularly those on the Cape Dombey Peninsula. This allows me to see the coastline as I have never seen it before. Please pass on my sincere heartfelt thanks to all those involved. – Ms Derris Vernon.

Walking SA takes this opportunity to congratulate the District Council of Robe for their work in developing a strategy and constructing accessible trails for all, including people who use wheelchairs, and families with children in pushers and prams, thus helping more people to enjoy being active.

Five kilometres of trails are now open; between the Obelisk and the lighthouse; and between the Obelisk and Long Beach.

Listen to an interview with District Council of Robe Council CEO Roger Sweetman (4min 45s).